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The Association of Engineering Employees of Oregon (AEE) represents over 1,000 engineering and technical employees working for the Oregon Department of Transportaion, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, and the Oregon State Department of Forestry.  If you would like to see a brief overview of our history, be sure to look at the About page.

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Our privacy policy is simple: As a member-driven organization, we use member information in a way that benefits the membership.  Information gathered from online member profiles are kept private between AEE non-administrative web site users.  This information is used to help keep the AEE membership database up to date which is then used for the purposes of related AEE business which includes Member Support, Election Ballot mailings, News Letter mailings, and other similar AEE member related business.  Home mailings (such as the SI Journal) are processed through a trusted / locally (Oregon) contracted third party as part of our printing contract service or through our contracted office staff.  Beyond such related AEE business which benefits our members, no personal information is otherwise distributed.

AEE Members,

The AEE Board has an important and urgent piece of information to share with members regarding dues.  The board will be proposing a bylaws change to restructure dues in the upcoming June election.   The restructuring includes a $7/month increase beginning July 1, and an increase in monthly dues by $1 each year for 5 years.  This will result in increases to monthly dues as follows:

  • July 1 2016 - $42/month
  • July 1 2017 - $43/month
  • July 1 2018 - $44/month
  • July 1 2019 - $45/month
  • July 1 2020 - $46/month
  • July 1 2021 - $47/month

Simply stated, our dues income over the last decade has not kept pace with the increased cost of doing business.  Please refer to the AEE website for additional information and data supporting the restructuring.  Information will also be included with your ballot which you should receive later this month.

We know many of you will have a number of questions regarding this proposal.  Please know that the board did not come to this decision lightly but does fully support the proposal and is standing ready to answer any questions you have regarding the proposed changes.

It's time for the Active AEE membership to cast their votes!

Paper ballots were mailed on Tuesday, May 24th and electronic ballots are scheduled to go out by the same evening.  All ballots (paper or electronic) are due on June 14th at 3PM.  When ballot counts are certified, their results will be made known through the AEE web site and other means.

The information below has been provided to you in preparation for your vote:

Bylaw Changes:

Elected Positions: